Job Opportunities

Available Ph.D. Thesis Projects

see here and here for active Ph.D. programs at Campus Bio-Medico University (one call per year).

Possible research topics within our group are:

Thesis Projects / Tesi di Laurea Triennale e Magistrale

  1. Biomechanical modeling of bone-device interaction: From imaging to computer-informed design (in collaboration with Hamburg University of Technology-Helmholtz Center)
  2. Theoretical and computational modeling of cell-cell multiphysical interfaces (in collaboration with IMT Advanced Studies Lucca)
  3. Finite-Element electro-mechanical coding: Experimental based validation (in collaboration with Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization)
  4. Molecular dynamics study of biological molecules
  5. Molecular dynamics study of nanostructures
  6. Structure prediction of proteins and RNA
  7. Nanostructures for energy applications

Job Opportunities

Available PhD Projects: see here and here for active Ph.D. programs at Campus Bio-Medico University (one call per year). Please contact us for further information.

Available PostDoc Projects: please contact us. PostDoc positions could be available on specific topics at the time you contact us.

Erasmus Programme: please contact us. 


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