lncRNA modeling

Structural prediction and functional role of lncRNAs interacting with proteins

The research activity is in the growing and extremely innovative field of long non coding RNAs, whose multiple roles are still largely unexplored. Both the nucleotide sequence and the tridimensional structure of RNAs are putatively involved in their interaction with proteins, both for physiological functioning and in pathological mechanisms. The project will develop and use a combination of bioinformatic and biophysical computational tools to predict the behaviour of lncRNAs in interaction with surrounding biomolecules, also including experimental biochemical and molecular biology data (in particular for the case of Hepatitis B Virus in collaboration with Prof. M. Levrero, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale – Inserm, Cancer Research Centre of Lyon, France).

contacts: l.chiodo_at_unicampus.it